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Music Can Help Both Mind and Body

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Music is a universal language that can do amazing things! In treatment, I have beautiful calm music playing to add to the overall experience of relaxing and healing. Just as my treatments can ease stress, pain and strain, so can music enhance and optimize treatments by speaking to the mind and emotions to create a greater mind/body connection. Music can also help the body and brain in other ways as well. Whether you're listening to it or dancing to it, it can affect you in so many positive ways.

This study shows how dancing can help not only your body but your brain as well:

In my practice, I see patients with many kinds of conditions, including Parkinson's. This study shows how music therapy can help not only with improving movement, but mood as well in those affected by this condition:

And it's not just listening and dancing to music, but singing as well:

I stumbled across this video on Youtube not that long ago, and it just goes to show how music and therapy can make such big changes to things we take for granted, like being able to walk without difficulty:

I love music. It can make you dance, laugh, cry or put you at ease. In my treatments, I believe that it can lend to the overall ambience and stress reduction even before therapy begins. When they first come in, they immediately start to relax with the soft music, indirect lighting and the sound of trickling water. I want them to feel that they have entered a sanctuary created just for them, a haven away from whatever stresses there may be in the outside world. I think we all deserve that little bit of peace and comfort, even if it's only for an hour. So take time for yourself, whether it's getting a massage, going to a concert, or even dancing in the living room like nobody's watching to whatever music that moves you!

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